The Ethical Data Exchange Network

EDEN Field


We believe in a future where supply chain data producers are recognized, respected, and rewarded for sharing information and collaborating with one another.

EDEN Circle


We re-connect decentralized supply-chains with anti-fragile tools that protect data ownership, enable claims validation, and reward product information exchange.

EDEN Libraries

Ethical Statement:

Our solutions support and promote ethical parameters as set by the Ethical Data Alliance.

Executive Summary:

EDEN is a public suite of protocols designed to facilitate exchange of information between supply-chain member-participants. The EDEN protocol enables P2P data interoperability between proprietary applications and systems.

EDEN provides a decentralized web (web3) layer of services that can be integrated with practically any existing data-handling software application. Any software vendor can chose to implement EDEN-compatible features.

Protocol specifications will be published at https://edenprotocol.io/. As our work progresses, we plan to publish whitepapers, reference docs, APIs, services libraries, and reference smart contracts on this site.

Join us:

Join our decentralized team of collaborators by playing the EDENomicon game: nomicon.edenprotocol.io. What’s a Nomicon? You’ll find out in the game.